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Five Reasons For Using A Professional Copy Writer

Copywriting has been around as long as humans have been able to write. Even before the concept of marketing, writing communicated people's ideas.

For centuries, well-structured words have sold ideas, products and philosophies. It was only during the 20th Century that copywriting became strongly associated with the marketing industry

That's why some businesses think that professional copywriting applies only to high-end advertising agencies. Used only for international product launches and expensive TV adverts. However, the fact is a copywriter can cost-effectively add value to any organisation.

To help you understand the benefits, here are five great reasons for using a professional copywriter.

#1 Simplicity

This is most important reason for professional copywriting. The enemy of any business writing is complexity. The role of copywriting is to engage your audience in ways they can grasp easily and quickly. It should focus on the benefits of your products and services.

Readers need to see information that offers them useful opportunities. Or solutions to problems. Customers won’t find buying cues in technical data, acronyms or boring product specifications.

Simplicity gets to the nub of the issue. It raises confidence and encourages readers to find out more. The irony here is that if the copywriter has done their job well, the reader should not even notice the writing. They will see through the words and understand the clear benefits of your company. And be encouraged to pop by, call or email.

#2 Objectivity

If you’ve ever tried to write your CV or a personal profile, chances are you’ll have found this quite hard. But both are examples of marketing copy. The only difference is that you are the product.

Whether its modesty, lack of perspective or lack of skills, writing about yourself can be hard. This usually means you over or under do it.

It’s the same for business writing.

How can you find the objectivity you need to write about something you live and breathe every day? Your deep understanding of what you do needs no explanation. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. To sell, you need to see your business from a different angle. Find the unique elements of what you do and explain them with clarity.

A good copywriter will help you see these essential features. Their copy will telegraph your USPs in a way that engages and informs customers.

#3 Confidence

Some people don’t like writing or don’t have the confidence to express themselves on paper. To them, writing feels like a chore with every word painfully wrenched from their very soul. Inevitably, this leads to procrastination and important writing not being done. Or done badly.

In the modern age keeping your website, blog or social media up to date is essential. Failure to do so will see your Google ranking slide quicker than an Austrian bobsleigh.

A copywriter can take away this pain. You can place your confidence in a skilled writer who can hone your copy. You'll be able to keep all your communications topical in a way that works for you. Freeing you up to do the jobs that you enjoy.

#4 Tricks Of The Trade.

Writing like many things in life is a skill. Obviously, good grammar is a given. There are formats and conventions that support good copywriting. Fail to apply these, and you’re missing a trick. Examples include keyword copy, sales letters, press releases or company brochures. Doing these badly is worse than not doing them at all.

An accredited copywriter knows the tricks of the trade. How to format your words and make them work extra hard. How to use your tone of voice to its best effect. Good copy means communications will always be right for your target audience.

Using a copywriter is a relatively small investment, but the rewards could be huge.

#5 Creativity

Some writing needs to have a good dose of creativity. Blogs, advertising copy, and broadcast media are all areas where a modicum of flair adds value. While a lot of online writing is designed to appeal to search engines, it should also try to engage the reader.

Creativity is especially important for things like advertising headlines and taglines. Get these right, and they can sell your brand on their own.

Good copywriting adds a creative edge while keeping the central message intact. It’s a fine line to get this right but it's essential. A skilled copywriter will spot your creative edge and communicate this to your advantage.

Professional Copy Will Work For You

If you need some professional copy for your business, then get in touch. Together we’ll find powerful, effective words for your website, blogs, social media, sales literature and marketing.

Let Ink & Decibels take care of your copy while you get on with growing your business. Feel free to get in touch on 07905 383312 or email and let's discuss how we can present your business in the best possible light.