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Cracking The SEO Code

The Keyword Copywriter’s Dilemma.

Anyone who has has a serious look at the art and artifice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will have come across the notion of keywords. The magic words and phrases that if you use the right ones for you, will light up search engines and have clients flocking to your business.

For a long while, SEO was like a black art. Only the chosen few knew the arcane secrets involved and then charged accordingly for their services. It was like this lofty few were hard-wired into the search engine algorithms. As if their DNAs had been merged, think Neo in the Matrix, that sort of thing.

In reality, this was often to the bafflement and disappointment of the client company.

Happily, those days are gone. The holy scrolls of SEO have been deciphered (sort of) and anyone who makes a concerted effort can at least have a go.

It’s Content That Counts

Part of the issue is the secrecy search engines employ around their search algorithms. It’s like a modern day enigma code, and we’re all trying to be Alan Turing.

Many will say that it’s not the keywords anymore. Content is king. SEO copywriting depends on adding entertaining, relevant content for your audience. Regular updates that prove to the search engine Gods that you care about your customers enough to edify, educate and entertain them. And lo, they will reward you with a higher rank. Thus starting an addictive cycle of adding more content to get as high as you can.

That’s where a copywriter can help. Who has time to continually generate new, exciting keyword copy and also run a business?

And it’s not just content for your web presence. Savvy companies ask copywriters to harmonise their message over social media and on other, related sites. Preferably ones that have enviable domain authority (or popularity). Thus proving the age-old adage; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Is this doing your H1 Header in?

Then there’s the issue of how to format text online. What should be in the headers? What about the page URL? Once learned, these are useful skills, especially for the DIY web manager. Put some effort in, and it’s a relatively easy thing to do.

Sound And Vision

It’s interesting to note that embedded pictures and videos are seen as being SEO friendly. How does that work you wonder? Well, as sophisticated as search engines are, they can’t look at pictures and discern that they’re ‘on message’.

However, you can certainly help things by ensuring you set up the alt tags for your pictures that contain your relevant keywords. Of course, the byproduct of using visual images is they make your text more interesting and engaging. So there is a method to this particular madness.

So where does that leave us?

Well, here’s my view for what it’s worth.

1. Keywords are still relevant as long as they’re well researched and used judiciously. The fact that Google still uses key phrases as part of its Adwords product indicates they still have a purpose.

2. Do use pictures, video and animation to enliven your website pages ensuring that you apply best practice regarding links and alt tags.

3 Get some training, so you understand how to do your own SEO. It’s not that complex you just need to attend to detail and have a clear purpose for your SEO efforts. Look for the google garage in your area or sign online to do some virtual training.

4. If it’s all too much, employ a competent web marketing agency. Prices and quality will range so get some personal recommendations and ensure they consistently demonstrate the value of the work they do for you.

5. Harmonise your messages over all the social media channels and mailing lists you use (GDPR compliantly of course). Even a small bit of content, shared widely can offer a significant bang for your proverbial buck.

Get The 'Write' Help

After all that, if you still can’t find the words, it’s time to employ a good copywriter. They know how to write your message clearly and directly. A copywriter will take the strain out of writing your web content, sales messages, press releases or social media and, with their wealth of experience. deal expertly with even the most crunchy of keywords.

If you need a keyword blog or two written then get in touch on 07905 383312 or email and we'll crack the SEO code together.